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Real Personal Cloud storage - Put your file where you can see and touch

Different from net disk,xCloud simply turns your own PC disk or NAS to be your real personal cloud storage.xCloud makes your file absolutely safe and private as these file are stored where you can see and touch,of course,you can change the place of storage.
xCloud allows you to expect as much storage as you wish by expanding you PC disk or NAS.xCloud enables you to transfer any file without any limitation.All these features makes xCloud the real safe personal cloud storage you can have.

Data Transmission anywhere and anytime

xCloud enables you to you to access all your files on your computer or NAS from smartphone, tablet and other mobile devices. xCloud adopts powerful reverse-P2P technology, making connection between mobile devices and PC much easier than ever and its unique P2P auto-switch network technology guarantees a super-fast speed. Based on these technologies, xCloud provide a single mobile icon that users can use to remotely access their your digital files and then make those files available for instant use or share with others.

Remotely Turn PC on/off

xCloud takes further step to firstly make Wake over Internet and remote shutdown available, so that users can take a better control of the data-transmission. Now you don't have to keep your PCs on, instead, you can remotely wake it up when you need and remotely shut it down when you don't need. It is unique that xCloud don't depend on any other 3rd-party software or hardware to remotely switch PC on/off.

Online Playing

xCloud enables users to directly play music without down-

loading them from PC or NAS. With xCloud,your

favourite music collect will be stored on your

PC or NAS, xCloud just stream all these m-

-usic into your smartphone or tablets, so

no need to worry about syncing and sto

rage of your mobile devices. Currently,

xCloud supports most audio formats: mp3, flac,ape,

m4a, mid, xmf, ogg, wma, cd, wav,aiff,au,m-

-peg, mid, vqf, amr and etc. xCloud let

music accompany you.                    

Auto Sync

xCloud will automatically sync the folders which is under monitor. xCloud provides more sync feature than you expect: it not only provides users multiple choice in source folder, but also allow users to switch among target PC or NAS. xCloud also enables users to switch on/off the auto sync or start sync only when mobile device is being charged.

Automatically Uploads Photo to

PC once snapped

xCloud enables your mobile devices automatically uploads a photo once it is snapped. During the uploading, users can take phones or enjoy music as the whole procedure is going in the back end. With xCloud, users can snap as many photo as they like since there is no need to worry about the storage of the mobile devices.
xcloud is an unlimited online storage service designed for the mobile era. It allows users to store everything,share anything and play anywhere,effectively extending the storage capacity of their mobile devices. Users need to download the xCloud desktop for unlimited storage.

xCloud for iOS

  • Use with unliminted PC & mobile devices
  • File transmission between iPhone and PC
  • No limit on file size or amount
  • Support remote turn PC on/off
  • Support online play
  • Note:
  • xCloud for iOS only supports
  • connection between PC and iOS devices

xCloud for NAS

  • All the features the free version has
  • Use with unliminted NAS & mobile devices
  • File transmission between mobile devices and NAS
  • No limit on file size
  • No limit on file amount
  • Note:
  • xCloud for NAS only supports connection
  • between NAS and mobile devices


Free Standard
File transmission in Local Area Network
File transmission between PC and mobile device in Public Network
Online play your PC audios on your mobiles
File transmission between PC and NAS in Public Network
Online play your NAS audios on your mobiles
Automatically Uploads Photo to PC once snapped
Remote turn PC on/off
Auto sync files
File sharing
Price 14 days Free trial of iOS $0.99 per month
$9.99 per year
$0.99 per month
$9.99 per year
$0.99 per month
$9.99 per year
  • Install xCloud on PC
  • Install xCloud on your mobile device
  • Install plug-in in your router
    • Windows version
    • Support | XP/Win7/Win8
    • Version | / 2015-02-10
    • Mac version
    • To be released

    • Windows Beta
    • Support | XP/Win7/Win8
    • Version | 4.1.0 / 2013-05-28

    • Synology
    • Support | ARM,x86,PPC
    • Version | / 2014-04-24
    • Netgear
    • Support | ARM
    • Version | 1.0.3 / 2013-01-25

    • Qnap
    • Support | ARM,x86,x86_64
    • Version | 1.0.3 / 2013-01-25

    • iOS version
    • Support | iOS 4.3+
    • Version | 4.2.0 / 2014-03-05
    • Android version
    • Support | Android 2.1+
    • Version | / 2015-04-24

    • Windows phone
    • To be released

    • Router Plug-in
    • Support router chips|x86|brcm63xx|ar71xx|atheros|mpc85xx|adm5120|ar7|at91|au1000...

Chip modules: